Sometimes hunger can be sated,

eat more, eat more often–if it is physical hunger.

But what about that Hunger to learn?

To know more and more,

read more and more?

Scouring the archives of literature

long ago written but new to you?

Reading to be informed, to LEARN,

to escape, to think, to find your own essence.

We feel this hunger, cannot quell its demands

for more and more, gnawing our innards.

We learn of nature, of the stars,

of great souls that had the same problems in another time.

We learn how they coped, what they did–by reading their thoughts.

And we are inspired.

Poets of yesterday, poets of today–

Thoughts and hearts exposed on the page with words.

And we know we are not alone.

There is hope that has carried on before us

and will carry on after us.

We Hunger for this and know we will never have our fill or be sated

as long as one more book is to be read,

one more poem to be pondered.

Risks (author unknown)

To laugh is to Risk–appearing the fool.

To weep is to Risk–appearing sentimental.

To reach out for another is to Risk–involvement.

To expose feelings is to Risk–exposing your true self.

To place your ideas, your dreams before the crowd is to Risk–their loss.

To love is to Risk–not being loved in return.

To live is to Risk–dying.

To hope is to Risk–despair.

To try is to Risk–failure.

But Risks must be taken,

Because the greatest hazard in life is to Risk nothing.

The person who Risks nothing,

Does nothing, has nothing, and is nothing.

He/she may avoid suffering and sorrow,

But he/she simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow. love–LIVE.

Chained by his/her certitudes,

He/she is a slave, he/she has forfeited Freedom.

Only a person who Risks is Free.

Are you willing to RISK?


If…I had a hammer…

If…I were a rich man…

If…I could go back–

But we can’t.

We are here, now,

Today, tomorrow,

and the tomorrow after that.

There are no ifs, only what you have now.

We move or we stagnate.

We try or we give up.

We cannot build on ifs.

The only question left is–

If not NOW, when?

Worlds We Live In

We all live in different worlds. We have friends who live in their heads and those who live from moment to moment. There are also those who live in a self-protective bubble that shields them from unpleasant things and those who seem totally incapable of setting up any type of shield from all events–good or bad. So what worlds do we live in?

We live in an inside world that knows no time or space. We have a campfire, a reflection room, a blue room made of pillows for comfort, a space of total blackness where there is absolutely no sensory perception, and a ring of rocks set up where each person has their own rock around the fire to sit on. Cool, huh? We have trees, running creeks, and if we travel toward light, the meadow and a spiritual guide. We very much like our inside world unless dreams that are not kind from the past enter, and then we live with a grey cloud hovering about us. When we feel safe and loved, our inner world has light that is not oppressively bright, but lets us see happiness, beauty, and hope. You may question how one sees hope–but it is seen. It shines on the faces with the smiles and sparkling eyes, opened wide to take it all in. It is in the freedom of movement without being poised to run or trying to shrink oneself to the point of being almost invisible. It is speaking aloud, laughing, fist bumps, shoulder bumps, and yes, hugs. It is a world of dirt, mudpies, grass that tickles your legs, and clouds with animal shapes. There are no bathtubs, as the dirt magically falls off when you decide to have one of the never-ending PBJ sandwiches or cheese chunks. There is a robot gramma with an never-ending supply of cookies in her apron that each of us relish. It is full of glasses of cold milk, icy cold water, soothing hot teas, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and soft laps where tired little people can rest their heads and a spirit animal they can snuggle with. All trees are able to be climbed, waterfalls can be played in, ponds swum in. It is a happy place when we feel safe and loved.

But our world inside can also hold shadows and unseen terrors when we have been in the outside world. We go out to work, socialize, talk with friends in what they call the real world. We sense the pain out in the outside world, the hunger, the sickness, the hate that others exhibit and its victims. We cry. We hurt for each of them. We take on their fear and desperation. We help where we can and in our fear for them, we try and try to make it right for them, and thereby for us. But it seeps into us and when we go back inside, it sticks to us, in us, and we bring a greyness into the inside world. It permeates all of us, all of our inner world. It fills the whole inner world with despair, fear, and tears upon tears. How do we combat it? We wait to hear that voice that brings peace and hope back into our world. We hear her speak from the outside world and slowly, ever so slowly, the light comes back as we step outside, however fearful, to bring her love, her safety back into our inside world. She has a spiritual essence of hope and protection and love that fills our ravaged spirits and allows us to balance our world again.

One might read this and think we are delusional–living in fantasy or despair and see no hope for stability for us. But everyone lives within and without. The only difference is we recognize the spirits that invade and torment and the spirits that come in quietly, soothing and calming. Animals can bring those spirits to us. Birds can also. Mother Nature can bring strength with her spirit that includes all emotions–rage, calm, peace, struggle–and let us acknowledge that these are imbued to all breathing creatures. Life is ground into reality with the connection of spirits real, vibrant, essential–if we are aware and allow it. Spirits can be evil or good and therein lies the choices to be made. We choose the light, the good, the safe, the comfort of being loved.

Which worlds do you live in and what spirits do you choose?