Twenty Lines–Poem #5

  1. Why is there a limit
  2. of only twenty lines
  3. to enter every contest
  4. of poetic meter, rhyme?
  5. Is it for conciseness?
  6. To save the reader’s time?
  7. Or is twenty the only number
  8. that seems to come to mind?
  9. Of course, I could shorten it,
  10. write a little less–
  11. a poetic rebellion, maybe…
  12. No, my mind’s already a mess.
  13. All right, I’ll do twenty,
  14. limit it if I can
  15. to something provocative, important–
  16. “In this world, what is Man?”
  17. “Is man part of this world
  18. or simply arrogant and proud?
  19. If only he could see that he…”
  20. Damn! I’ve used the twenty lines allowed!

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