Cynical? Realistic? Hopeful

Transcribed for Spiritual Connections by N. Corres

Our grandmother awaited the end of the world as she birthed a child during the Great Depression. Our mother KNEW the end of the world was coming when the United States entered WWII. Prior to these two events, our great aunt and uncle bemoaned the end times during the Civil War. Knowing their family and friends were killing themselves violently. Jews, gays, people of color and those who support them have faced genocides, mass murdering at the hands of hating dictators and their followers. Reality of genocide plague cultures and peoples globally. Cynicism and conspiracy ideologies flourish. Yet, HOPE resides in the darkest times of history. Babies are born – some die, some thrive. Songs are written and sung, permeate the darkness as symphonies still inspire. Words are penned, burned, and rise like the Phoenix to motivate, inspire, incite action. Pictures are painted to show the soul as sculptures take shape as tributes. HOPE.

Always in the darkness a flicker of light, wavering, tenuous, can be found, if only by the desperate, that can be passed on. It can grow.

A great darkness has covered the world in the form of a virus. Evil darkness has spread as egos and power try to suffocate. People find themselves alone. In the isolation caused by the virus, no one can look further than themselves for the flickering light. HOPE. It sputters and it stays. It penetrates darkness. In fear of light – HOPE – darkness perpetrates hate. The light, the HOPE persevere, causing panic and desperation in the darkness. They know with HOPE comes dreams, compassion for others, bedfellows of goodness.

Cynicism can be good – saving us from scams, wild conspiracy theories. Reality is good. An awareness and ability to see what is going on. Both cynicism and reality are agents to illuminate, spread sparks of light. Ergo HOPE.

The end of the world may be coming – again. But with light and hope, we see it and as the Phoenix, rise again.


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