Consequences of Words–Poem #9

The boy who cried “wolf”–

a parental favored fable

of false alarm consequences.

Lies cannot stand.

“Fire! Fire!” shouted in a theater.

People jump up, run.

They trample each other

as they are injured.

No fire–a lie that causes harm.

“It’s a hoax! No worse than the flu!”

People smile, scoff at masks and science,

spreading the deadly virus.

And the people die alone, desperate and without hope.

A lie that kills.

Words shouted, thrown out in the air

with consequences and reactions.

Lies that lead to disbelief and distrust–

consequences that affect widely and spread.

People cannot believe, are harmed–

people die.



Wandering and Coping (?)–Poem #8

“There was a crooked man…”

Learned that little rhyme–somewhere, some time.

Why was he crooked?

Age? Arthritis? Safety?

Crooked people are closer to the ground.

Hunched over, their words go into the ground–

No repercussions from those who stand straight and spew hate.

Crooked people are ignored, passed over as insignificant.

“…who walked a crooked mile…”

Hard to see straight, stay straight, hunched over.

But the mile is walked, straight or crooked, isn’t it?

Everyone walks the mile, especially today–

Bent or straight, it must be done.

Does the crooked man not ever look up?

He probably looked up–once.

What did he see?

A world he could not reach.

Poor crooked man walking a crooked mile.

Making his way, but seeing so much

that others will never see.

He wanders, and knows this,

this is his way of coping with what he can have

and the elements smile to realize they are seen.

Shadow People—Poem #7

The little people–

the ones that hide.

No, their voices aren’t loud,

but they and you know they’re there.

Whispering and quietly nimble–

they pop up to be seen and heard unexpectedly.

They feel the anger you feel–amplify it.

They feel the love you feel–swoon with it.

Basic emotions–hiding in the shadows.

They may be quelled, but always there–

flitting in and out–

Shadows of our selves

we don’t always want to see or hear.

Shadow people are real, though–

hidden but always there.

Jigsaw Puzzles–Poem #6

Poetry is like a jigsaw puzzle–

Every word must interlock with the other words.

Try to force a word to fit, the puzzle is askew.

No picture will be seen or envisioned,

no meaning will be there for the mind to see and know.

Each word is unique–

in choice of color, timbre, meaning by writer and reader.

A thought, a poem of interlocking words

creates or finds a dream that can be shared.

Twenty Lines–Poem #5

  1. Why is there a limit
  2. of only twenty lines
  3. to enter every contest
  4. of poetic meter, rhyme?
  5. Is it for conciseness?
  6. To save the reader’s time?
  7. Or is twenty the only number
  8. that seems to come to mind?
  9. Of course, I could shorten it,
  10. write a little less–
  11. a poetic rebellion, maybe…
  12. No, my mind’s already a mess.
  13. All right, I’ll do twenty,
  14. limit it if I can
  15. to something provocative, important–
  16. “In this world, what is Man?”
  17. “Is man part of this world
  18. or simply arrogant and proud?
  19. If only he could see that he…”
  20. Damn! I’ve used the twenty lines allowed!

IS it what it is? NO–Poem #4

First, blood lines do not make us family.

Caring, compassion, loving souls

bond us into chosen family.

Empathy, understanding, listening, reaching out to other souls do.

Numbers of deaths become heart wrenching

as one loses a loved one to disease, disaster, accident.

IS it what it is? NO.

When our friends, now family, are hurt,

bleeding, slandered, abused, mocked, dying–

I feel it, carry it with them.

It is NOT “it is what it is.”

Lives destroyed, murdered for skin color,

for loving without discrimination as to sex,

cannot acquiesce to “it is what it is.”

Females exploited, repressed and ruled by patriarchy

cannot be discounted because “it is what it is.”

IS it what it is? NO.

WE the people, in order to form a more perfect union…

will no longer accept “It is what it is.”

We will resist, we will rise for and with each other,

a union of souls for all humanity.



Searching and Finding–Poem #3

Where did you look for PEACE?

In the living, rustling forest?

In the roar and soothing movement of the mother ocean?

In the connection of others you love?

Did you find it in sleep?

In sitting in the sun?

In reading a holy book?

In the music that seeps deep into your being?

Did you find PEACE in creating art?

In writing words on paper?

In creating a song to sing and dance to?

In the warmth of animals you cherish?

PEACE comes from within the and from without;

connecting the spirit within

with those spirits surrounding us.

It is a spiritual realm between life here and life beyond.

It flows from the earth to the skies like water,

smoothly, serenely, magically.

It is where all is possible

through the magic and ultimate power of love.

PEACE is syncing with both here and hereafter–

the Universe of Peace because of Love.

Perspectives–age 7 and 70 Poem #1

At 7, I see sunshine,

watch and hear water in the creek.

I sit in wild, cool grass

and watch clouds create animals.

At 70, I look at the sun,

wondering if it will get really hot.

I watch the water playing in the creek

and wonder if it’s clean to drink.

I feel the dry grass I sit in.

Looking at the clouds, slowly moving,

I watch, begging for rain.

At 7, I feel safe to close my eyes,

letting nature surround me, enter me.

At 70, I close my eyes and worry–

fires, floods, great winds of hurricanes–

Nature rebelling at the inhumanity of persons

mistreating, abusing, pillaging her resources.

Nature in all her magnificence and terrible wonder.

At 7 and 70, eyes closed still,

Minds and hearts join

taking it all in, through senses and souls.

Right here, right now, the 7 year old prevails.

The 70 year old muses–

“Would I warn her? Make her sad with what I know?”

The 7 year old whispers,

“Isn’t it wonderful? Don’t you love it?”

Eyes meet.

The 70 year old whispers back, ” Yes, it is. I love it, too.

I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Ages and time vanish between 7 and 70.

There is love and innocent wonder still.

Peace and Love.

Assuming and Judging

This was going to be a blog directed to Facebook–until I realized they are mirroring their biases as well as those of others. I had figured it was their tweaky algorithm set up but it isn’t limited to that. What awakened me to this? The tale unfolds as follows:

In response to a post on FB, I referred to the book titled The Ugly American. I used the name of the book to illustrate how the USA is looked upon by the world in our present state and under our present administration. The first time I used the term, I went to FB jail for three days, not allowed to comment or share. I went against their “Community Standards.” Hmmmm… considering what I have seen and/or read on the FB sites, I laughed but had to leave FB since I love to share and comment. Then recently, I referred to the book once again and immediately was thrown in FB jail for the term. I had to come to the conclusion that the algorithms or the persons behind them were illiterate and had never heard of nor read The Ugly American–which I highly recommend by the way. But this time I went to Twitter to inform FB friends what happened. Then I saw others suffering the same plight, with one referring to their ban as being “zuckerpunched.” It fit. I have also known others who have been “zuckerpunched” or FB banned over animal pics. Go figure. But today I got thrown in FB jail for 7 days! I was only out for one day and right back in. Granted, I did make a sarcastic comment about Tiffany Trump and her speech. But then I also slammed the Kenosha, WI police chief for blaming the murder of two protesters on they, the dead, while not blaming the kid with the assault weapon who walked away until they decided to arrest him for murder. Everyone is probably more than aware of all of it but I find it despicable that the same police chief who’s officer shot 7 times into the back of a black man, let a white kid walk away from mowing down two protesters. For some reason (sarcasm here), I wanted to puke I was so enraged. Apparently, either making a remark about Tiffany or slamming the white police chief for what I felt was a great act of stupidity and “white” racist mentality was grounds for a 7 day ban. Personally, I hope BOTH upset FB since they post crap that upsets yours truly all the time. But that still doesn’t tell you about why this blog is no longer directed just at them.

I resorted to Twitter, which I do find more diverse and unbiased for the most part, and retweeted and commented as I read. Then, out of the blue, a person who shall not be named, responded to my response to a tweet. This person called me a “hater,” said I was a bot, and a few other cute things. Since the person (I will acknowledge it to be female) can’t ban me from Twitter, I simply responded with the laughing emoji, laughing as I did it, and promptly forgot it. Obviously, she took offense because after a while, she stated the laugh was on me and something to the affect that I was less than intelligent and stuff similar. Hmmmmm… Having no desire to do online battle with such an emotive individual, I responded by saying if she did not care for my responses, “…simply don’t read them. Problem solved.” She has not gone on, yet, but it set me thinking. I am not angry–disgusted maybe–but not upset. At least not by her. But by her assumption and judgment. This woman does not know me. Just as I do not know her. She has no idea what kind of person I am. Further, with no pic in my profile, she has no idea of my skin color, ethnicity, likes, dislikes, etc. But she fired off I was a hater and a bot. WOW!

So the brain kicks into gear. Ok. Got banned by FB for an opinion. (Admittedly sarcastic). But they don’t know much about me, either. EXCEPT that I am liberal, believe Black Lives Matter, a woman’s body is hers and not legislators’ to rule, love is love and not defined by sex with only one gender, that churches should follow their god and not some multi-million minister who tells them to do one thing and does another, and I believe caring for and helping your fellow human should be the first thing you think of when you see the homeless, the kids separated from their parents, when people are hurt or scared, and I detest bullies. Hey! Maybe she was right! I do hate bullies! So I am a hater, right? The other thing she does not know about me is I adore animals, all animals, kids, music, art, honest people, people who do what they say, people without an agenda, and would literally die for those I love. Not follow–LOVE.

So do I hate her? No. I don’t know her. I can’t see in her heart or mind. Am I going to “pay” for my comments. FB seems to want to make me pay, but she can’t–I hope. My point? How much of this crap is out there in cyberland? Where people name call and judge, based on assumptions, without ever knowing the person? Why was I angry at the Kenosha police chief? Because I felt he allowed an assumption that since Jacob Blake was black he was a threat and was shot 7 times–i.e. judge, jury, executioner. What has happened to humanity? It has always, forever, needed work–but now hate and assumptions and judgment are brazenly exercised with absolutely no thought as to who a person is! WHAT is in their heart? Can we say if we don’t know them? In some ways, we can as we watch their actions–especially a repeated pattern of actions. But can we say anyone of color is a threat when the person is walking away? Can we say if someone steps in to stop a brutal act they are a person against a political persuasion or should be harmed, also? What has happened? I know great people and I know people that are assholes. But I know them and their behaviors.

Algorithms may determine I offended community standards, set up by a community I don’t know, and according to the person I don’t know who put the algorithms in place. But I don’t buy it and neither should you without requesting more information. The female who seemed offended by my response to a tweet lashed out and I don’t know her. Who knows? Maybe she didn’t sleep well last night or she’s worried about something. No assumptions, no judgments. But we ALL need to take a breath, step back, and realize that in our current culture, the usual seems to be to react rather than respond. It sounds cliche` but we are all in this together no matter how much us vs them is spouted. Remember Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice,” where the main speaker, being derided for being a Jew says, to paraphrase, if you cut me do I not bleed? And similarities such as that. If you cut an immigrant, a gay, lesbian, trans, black, white, Asian, etc. person–do they not bleed? Sure, there are good and bad you have to watch for. But remember, there is an asshole in every group, every race, every political party, every profession on earth, every gender, and every religion. But there are good people in all of the aforementioned.

Can we change it? Not until we know the persons and ourselves. So, since no one can know everyone, let the people around you be the ones you get to know, to understand, to help or–sadly–to walk away from. Just please, please don’t assume and judge. Every human deserves that from one another, don’t you agree?