IS it what it is? NO–Poem #4

First, blood lines do not make us family.

Caring, compassion, loving souls

bond us into chosen family.

Empathy, understanding, listening, reaching out to other souls do.

Numbers of deaths become heart wrenching

as one loses a loved one to disease, disaster, accident.

IS it what it is? NO.

When our friends, now family, are hurt,

bleeding, slandered, abused, mocked, dying–

I feel it, carry it with them.

It is NOT “it is what it is.”

Lives destroyed, murdered for skin color,

for loving without discrimination as to sex,

cannot acquiesce to “it is what it is.”

Females exploited, repressed and ruled by patriarchy

cannot be discounted because “it is what it is.”

IS it what it is? NO.

WE the people, in order to form a more perfect union…

will no longer accept “It is what it is.”

We will resist, we will rise for and with each other,

a union of souls for all humanity.




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