Searching and Finding–Poem #3

Where did you look for PEACE?

In the living, rustling forest?

In the roar and soothing movement of the mother ocean?

In the connection of others you love?

Did you find it in sleep?

In sitting in the sun?

In reading a holy book?

In the music that seeps deep into your being?

Did you find PEACE in creating art?

In writing words on paper?

In creating a song to sing and dance to?

In the warmth of animals you cherish?

PEACE comes from within the and from without;

connecting the spirit within

with those spirits surrounding us.

It is a spiritual realm between life here and life beyond.

It flows from the earth to the skies like water,

smoothly, serenely, magically.

It is where all is possible

through the magic and ultimate power of love.

PEACE is syncing with both here and hereafter–

the Universe of Peace because of Love.


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