#21 Responding…

Annis’ blog on finding your own voice as a writer, and Natalia’s blog on being prepared with a plan and go-bag are the subjects of this blog of ours today. They may not seem related, but we will attempt to show how to us–right now– they are inextricably linked–again, to us.

On finding your writing voice, Annis is absolutely point on. When one finds that voice it is YOURS. Just as you recognize the writing voice of an oft-read writer, your voice, too, becomes recognizable to those who read what you pen. Yes, as she noted, you can try a different or new way of writing, but your voice will be heard, sooner or later, as you slide into the realm of integrity in your written words. Ergo–you cannot hide. No anonymity. Your voice comes through. Be warned. Your perceptions, your truths, are “out there.” Personal experience validates this. You will be able to offer sincere comfort, light-hearted humor (in our case usually sarcastic), your anger, frustrations, core values and morals. Some will read your voice/writing and will appreciate it whether they agree or disagree, while others will condemn and reject it. That’s the price/reward for writing in your voice. Let it be said again, Annis’ blog was point on.

Natalia wrote about having a PLAN in these current times with a go-bag at the ready to meet basic needs if you’re suddenly displaced for any reason. Her writing helped us think about what we would NEED, just in case. Are we prepared? Could we survive with a go-bag–or like her, a small wagon with stuff needed for survival? We have no fur-babies any longer, no other humans to plan for, but we do need to plan and prepare for just us. Because of personal health issues that occur unexpectedly for our body, certain things would be necessities. These things can happen whether in a situation such as what goes on currently in our nation, that we as a people face, or when things seem “normal” or routine. One of our go-bag items–even overnight items–is a notebook and pen or pencil. If we should “forget”, we are known to write on receipts and/or paper towels, etc. However, we rarely forget those essentials. It is SMART to read Natalia’s blog and ACT on it. Being forced to suddenly evacuate or strike out for survival is not an extreme or far-fetched idea. Remember the not so long ago “run” on toilet paper when corvid19 was finally acknowledeged as reality with quarantines? This is reality now. So yes, everyone should follow her advice and prepare. We have. It does not create anxiety or paranoia but rather self-confidence and a sense of comfort knowing we have it covered.

So how do these blogs become linked? At least, for us? Simply put: TRUTH +SURVIVAL PREPAREDNESS = REALITY.

If you dare to speak your truth in your voice, you may need to go into survival mode. Grab your go-bag and hide out for speaking/writing the truth. Speaking out against what you see as religious hypocrisy, the “church”, the government–uh-oh. Standing up for LGBTQ rights and dignity, minorities, women, children abused and/or in cages, the homeless–uh-oh. Writing in your voice can necessitate a go-bag. Scientists, morally upright folks, real Christians, heroes that speak out in ALL facets of life are disparaged, bullied, receive death threats. Add an earthquake, flood, hurricane, drought to the mix and…we think you get it.

It takes guts to speak out, pen those words that others don’t want to read/hear or refuse to read/hear. With the turmoil, disinformation, confusion, death that surrounds us all, we have to be ready to flee if we are to survive to write another day in the future. Hence, since many of our blogs tend to offend or cause discomfort–as people degenerate into blaming, name-calling, verbal ridicule and chiding–our go-bag is packed and read to be grabbed as it sits by the door and we head out that door. Why not just be quiet, you may ask? Because we believe every voice counts, even ours.

THAT is our response to two beautifully written blogs that mean so much to us. Good-bye.

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