#22 Mark a Heart

Stories of goodness come across as the fight goes on to stay at home, wear face masks, battle depression and fear, and of course Covid19. We don’t know when we have a sore throat, a persistent cough, a headache, a low grade fever if we are at risk of having the virus or spreading it. Yet, we keep on keeping on. Others have come up with online games, have participated in chats via the internet, and even if we don’t participate, it offers hope that others are making it. Now, we would like to suggest something to help us to help ourselves and others. It is the act of consciously Marking a Heart.

The premise is simple. A three year old can do it. A ninety year old and beyond can do it. The rules are few but the rewards for doing it are immeasurable. It can be done for the strongest person you know, or the one you fear for in their weakness. Try it.


  1. return a text with the question “How are you and yours doing?”
  2. admit any frustrations but always say “we know you and we are in this together”
  3. try to say ” I miss you and how you always bring a smile to my face”
  4. point out “you are so good at… can’t wait to be with you again”
  5. tell them about a dream, something you noticed that you wouldn’t have otherwise and share it with them
  6. Always wait for a response and throw out that heart emoji whether a response comes or not

We all mark hearts. Mark someone’s with caring, thinking of them as you go outside yourself and think of them. It may be no one else will, but you can. Nothing makes someone feel less alone than another asking simply “You Okay?”

Simple. You may not be able to hug, see their face light up because you texted, but there just might be a little light in their eyes as they reach for hope again and feel cared about and cared for. So go through your contacts. Text. Let someone know you thought of them. Then they may be there to see you when this passes. And you feel better because you realize you aren’t alone either.

Stay safe. Mark a heart. Peace and Love.

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