#20 To Do List for Tomorrow

Having no idea how many days of quarantine have elapsed, the need to get organized with an actual to-do list should be uppermost—right? (BTW anyone know what day of the week it is?) So here is the to-do list for tomorrow since today is shot–somewhere–somehow…

  1. Get up by 7 (probably)
  2. Make bed (Hmmm, maybe save that for the next day)
  3. Shower (Yeah, clean clothes and bod would be good, probably–pending)
  4. Coffee–definitely Pot after pot after pot
  5. Tall glass of milk to counteract coffee after first pot
  6. Go sit on front porch and see who comes out in neighborhood
  7. IF anyone comes out, yell hi and wave — if not, watch grass grow
  8. Go to side of house to visit lizard friend made–talk, inquire as to his health
  9. Scroll FB, twitter, emails until battery gets dangerously low
  10. Go inside and charge phone
  11. Check date and time on computer
  12. Turn on news with another glass of milk to soothe stomach
  13. Sit on unmade bed, think about turning off news
  14. Go outside when phone up to 50%charge
  15. Check in with people who care–see what they are doing
  16. Check in with friends with pets–check on pets
  17. Run down battery scrolling again
  18. In house to make another pot of coffee and charge battery on phone
  19. Time to eat for third time–actual meal this time
  20. News? No, running low on milk
  21. Read for hour or two with music on
  22. Think about list for next day
  23. Write–add thoughts in journal or wherever
  24. Self introspection on what learned in seven decades (short list there)
  25. Tell jokes to crows outside
  26. Nap time? Nah–go tell crows more jokes
  27. Watch sun and clouds
  28. Predict weather for next five days
  29. More coffee
  30. Play a game on tablet
  31. Walk to edge of yard to see who is essential and went to work because car is gone
  32. Think about tomorrow’s bed-making
  33. Eat again
  34. Check computer again to make sure it is still the same day
  35. Watch the sun go down and say goodnight to the crows
  36. Go binge watch Netflix and fall asleep hopefully
  37. Dream of waking up and making bed

Boy! Tomorrow will be busy! Yay!

4 thoughts on “#20 To Do List for Tomorrow

  1. I can relate! I still work, yet this is like the weekend days…except for a little rush through housework lol. Regards!


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