#12 Order

Some semblance of order is needed by everyone. “Order” will be thrown into chaos tomorrow with the time change as we all lose an hour’s sleep and we try to tell ourselves it’s only an hour–no big deal–and we will adjust. But it isn’t true for everyone. Try with everything to put it out of the mind, but the body rebels at losing that hour and adjusting to it. Ahhh, the time factor that messes with order. We only bring this up, to segue into the “order” we all establish in our lives.

Having a job brings order to lives. You get up, you follow a prescribed order of activities that need to be accomplished and that you found worked for you as you get ready to go to work at a certain time and certain place. You can plan, even in distraction, for unforeseen “hitches” as traffic ties ups, or maybe power outages at your place of work. You adapt and your sense of order isn’t skewed or abandoned because of these occurrences. But what happens when your job ends through being laid off? Retiring? Even choosing to quit? Well, some people plan for that sort of thing. They are those cool folks who always have plans A, B, C, and sometimes even D. Those dudes are prepared! They have goals, they are determined, they simply shift their focus and keep moving forward–often not looking back, but always forward. Wow! do we admire that!

Then there are people like us. We mistakenly just let happen whatever happens, enjoying the fact that we don’t have to keep to a time schedule or regimen and can be spontaneous. We can do what we want, when we want. If we want to volunteer, travel, just lie in bed and read hours on end, we are free to do so. It is so super cool! Then… a thought creeps in–“now what?” Our friends that are still working, or those that have their goals and plans and focus are not available to keep us company and heighten our sense of adventure and spontaneity. Our order is out the window and we are floundering even as they keep going on and flourishing, dedicated to making things happen. We, on the other end of the spectrum, are beginning to feel useless, defeated, lack purpose, and basically bored. When we had established order with a job or task, we may have been tired, but we at least knew what we were to do or what we were to accomplish. Duh!

Maybe we concentrate on being creative. We paint, we write, we learn to play a musical instrument. Or we look around– with motivation ebbing away day by day. We ruminate and chide ourselves for seeking an escape from the job, and again–“now what?” So a whole new world opens up to us. It can be through the arts, learning a new skill, volunteering, joining groups and such. It is a time of introspection, evaluating, becoming more aware–an entire education in itself. It also can be that this introspection leads us to discover gifts within ourselves that we never realized we had until we actually slowed down enough, got bored enough, to explore and sort of give them a try.

Using gifts discovered, is tricky business. It requires its own particular order. You have to recognize your “potential,” then how to control it, use it, and incorporate it into your conscious life. You become a child again in that you have to learn all you can, experiment, be cautious and at the same time risk using what you have found to be there. It, too, may require plans A, B, C, and maybe D as you experiment and explore deeper and deeper. But you are establishing an order, whether you believe it or not, accept it or not. We think of a phrase a friend uses that says, “you can’t unring the bell.” Just as we know from our lives, “you can’t unsee what you saw.”

Our point? After all this rambling? Thought wandering? One sentence we heard Harrison Ford say to Buck, his dog, as we watched “Call of the Wild” today. They stood together on a plateau of rock, overlooking the gorgeous landscape of Alaska during summer, and he said, “You know, Buck, we all come and go, but this always stays.” So the point is just as he said–we, humans and animal life, come and go. But nature, the earth, the sky, the sun, the clouds stay. Our constant. Order. No matter how many of us come and go, it stays. So find your gifts, your sense of order, to enhance hers since she will be here long after we have come and gone. Too abstract? Probably. But we leave our mark and she remains to absorb it and be there for the next that come and then go. Cool, huh? We think so.

4 thoughts on “#12 Order

  1. Lovely post, Judy. My Judy and I are opposites. She’s the order woman, always looking down the road, even laying out her breakfast utensils the night before an early morning appointment. I’m more spontaneous, though not a “whatever” kind of person, and tend to be more willy-nilly. But, we manage and see that over the years we’ve both made incremental movements toward the middle. Hugs and thanks. xoA


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