# 13 The Faulty Human Factor

CEO Cor and VP CEO Ku were traveling back from a productive venture to take care of unwanted, unneeded, but cherished items stored and then a subsequent meeting for a meal with those involved, and others. It had been an arduous task, this cleaning out of the storage space, and predictably, all human elements considered, emotionally taxing as well as physically laborious. The ensuing meal before leaving, then, could be considered a celebration of sorts that it had been done, completed, and little was left to be sorted through. Cor and Ku were feeling pretty good about the project and discussing it when it was noted that as they left and traveled South, those going North seemed to be “backed up” and making little, if any progress. Cars and trucks were lined up, creeping forward by slow or unseeable inches. Cor watched and noted that the “backup” of traffic going North extended some approximate ten miles. Trucks could be seen backed up on on ramps trying to join the mass collection, not moving but waiting. Both Cor and Ku, curious as to what caused such a horrendous stoppage, googled highway information for the route and discovered a traffic accident at 3am had occurred, blocking all northbound lanes. Cor made the astute observation that now it was almost eleven hours later and from what the two travelers southbound could observe, only one sign seemed to warn travelers of what was ahead. People were standing outside of cars, looking ahead at more cars as far as the best vision would allow. If ever there were such a thing as “bad vibes” coming from the masses, this was it.

Cor made the comment, “We really need to get our advertising off the ground and get AI/Robotics promoted. Look at that mess! The time delays…the frustrated people…the trucks that can’t reach their destination! It could have been us locked into that yesterday as we traveled north!” Ku agreed, noting, “True! But you know, there is robotic laser surgery offered at the cancer center and comments can be heard such as ‘Give me a faulty human over a robot for MY surgery!’ People just don’t trust robots yet. “

Cor agreed, then added, “And exactly why we need advertising! Where AI and Robotics move in to flawlessly correct human frailties and errors, we have more and more faulty humans entering the shelters that no one wants. We need to advertise strategically, reducing the numbers in our shelters, get these faulty humans into homes, cared for. We have to! We don’t want to join the ranks of euthanizing. We have been able to maintain our No Kill Shelter status so far, but unless we push homes for the faulty humans…” Ku thoughtfully nodded. It was truly a dilemma. Robots were needed, to be sure, but so were humans. AI/Robotics was leaving a mass of humanity anchorless.

The two tried to brainstorm how best to move these faulty, depleted humans into forever homes, and the advertising it would take to get other humans to take them in when a specifically programmed robot could fill the need in the modern home with such accuracy and efficiency. Ku brought up the children in the shelters. With the laws against women choosing the right to control their own bodies, the doctors imprisoned for respecting that right, children separated from parents at the borders and unable to speak the current language or function at chronological age levels due to trauma, they would need thousands of homes! For all ages of children! This wouldn’t be like the old “foster system” where children could hopefully have a better life. No, this had to be a literal forever home and the xenophobia was so strong, racism/color so pronounced…Silence took over as Cor and Ku were lost in their own thoughts.

“Okay!” Cor broke the silence abruptly. “So we need to get these faulty humans out of the shelters and into the homes. THAT is our job! Eons ago, we did it with animals so we should be able to with faulty humans!” Ku, coming back to the reality of the task at hand, agreed wholeheartedly. “How about we appeal to that sense of nostalgia?” Ku offered.

Cor nodded, then added, “We could offer them as intuitive healers–the older ones, at least. They remember how to effectively deal with human dilemmas with practical, common sense advice from years of experience. A lot of people who lack common sense or an ability to explore ideas from the past as lessons would probably want to have an older faulty human around for dealing with ordinary problems that the robot would not understand, given their programming. Yes, we could promote them as experienced problem solvers of historical relevance. Yes, that could work. Most of our current AI/Robot programmers have ignored that human factor that would appeal. Those of a median age could be similar to service animals of the past that could foresee a problem arising and be of value. But the children? How do we get this basically white, evangelical, racist culture to take in children with flaws, handicaps, racial differences?”

Ku and Cor started brainstorming again. “Advertise them as budding geniuses?” “Promote them as objects of affection?” “Offer them as companions to their children, maybe even to their robots?”

Cor, still driving and thinking–Ku riding alongside and thinking, glanced at each other. Their thoughts seemed to conjoin as they both suddenly knew that they had the answer. Cor stated, “We are NOT the only ones who carry compassion in our hearts. We have to help them find that compassion, dig it out, use it to reach out!” Ku grinned hugely. “Exactly! There have got to be others! They will throw off the status quo, the norm as it is, and their emotional sides will break through and their hearts will help them help others!” The perfect balance of AI/Robotics and faulty humans!

The two advertising specialists came up with ideas to touch hearts that could be touched and then again, a thought traveled between them as they smiled. The humans that had created this dilemma, fostered it, nurtured it, were becoming the objects of their own project. Soon they would be removed from places of power, places of influence, victims of their own ideas to be rid of others. They were truly faulty humans and their own AI/Robots would be removing them for their illogical and erratic behavior. Their downfall would be what they expressed conflicting with what they did and while another faulty human could be beguiled, a well-programmed robot could not. Yes! If their advertising was pointed enough, persuasive enough, those with heart would overtake those that would only focus on manipulation and greed.

Cor, now feeling they could accomplish this task with perseverance and determination, observed that the two of them had not gotten caught up in the mess going north by working with the “Magic” of intuition and timing, and declared it could work for all those with open minds and hearts. She laughed aloud and said, “Not only can we find others with heart, we will look forward to literally working ourselves out of our job! One day we will look back not only on how we found ourselves here, but how we found others of like mind and heart and watched humanity rescue itself through being “faulty humans,” not victims of it. That will make it all worth it!” Ku laughed with Cor, agreed, and life seemed an adventure once again instead of a dark foreboding cloud.

Yes–it was all good. Faulty humans and all. Balance with all factors.

4 thoughts on “# 13 The Faulty Human Factor

  1. Not usually a fan of sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic writing, but this one spoke to me. Loved this: “…working with the β€œMagic” of intuition and timing, and declared it could work for all those with open minds and hearts.”

    Thank you! xoA


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