#8 Procrastination? Seriously?

Friend texts. “What are you doing?”

Answer: “Thinking about my plans for the day and tomorrow.”

Friend: “And?”

Answer: “And what?”

Friend: “So are you going to be busy tonight?”

Answer: “Not sure yet. Still planning.

Friend: “It’s after 2pm now. What have you got written down or done so far?”

Answer: “Pushy little bugger, aren’t you? I told you, I’m thinking. Planning. Got it all up here in my head.”

Friend: “You’re procrastinating. You haven’t done anything all day, have you?”

Answer: “Not that it is any of your concern… but I did get up, scrolled facebook while I was taking my early morning bladder relief, drank a cup of coffee…”

Friend: “Like I said, you haven’t done anything all day. You have procrastinated and not done anything.”

Answer: “Whoa there! Don’t be so judgmental! It actually takes multi-tasking skills to empty your bladder and scroll the internet at the same time. I got ‘er done though!”

Friend: “Then?”

Answer: “Then what? I started planning, if you must know.”

Friend: “Planning what?”

Answer: “Jesus Mary and Joseph! MY DAY! I STARTED PLANNING MY DAY!”

Friend: “We’re going in circles here. So what are your plans for this evening?”

Answer: “Well, it kind of depends on different factors. You know…if A happens, then B has to be done but if B happens first, I have to figure out…”

Friend: “Okay, okay. I wanted to know if you were free to catch the new movie. I thought it would be fun to see it before it comes out on TV in six months. You know, kind of a ‘I saw that’ and have fun with the people we don’t like by being a spoiler. Anyway, it is showing at 6:30 and again at 9pm. We could catch either one–if you’re free. So wanna go?”

Answer: “Well, I guess. It would be fun. IF I can solidify my plans. You know…”

Friend texts: “sigh 😦 “

Answer: “Okay. Wanna pick me up or meet there?”

Friend: “For which showing? 6:30 or 9?”

Answer: “Well…if I get my plans written down…”

Friend: “I get it. Never mind. I’ll call N. She knows what she is doing and carries through. Keep planning. PROCRASTINATOR!”

Answer: “Hey! Seriously? Me? I told you. I think. I plan. I get everything organized beforehand. Prepared! You can’t be serious! I DON’T PROCRASTINATE!”

Friend: “Let’s face it. You never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, which means you don’t do anything at all. I love you dearly but I would never ask you to help out in an emergency because god only knows how long it would take you to get around to helping. You’d ask if it could wait–and don’t deny it! Talk to you after I get back from the movie. Keep planning.”

Answer: “Have a good time. I’ll write you a long letter describing my dilemma tomorrow so you’ll better understand. I need to work laundry into my plans since I haven’t done it since…I don’t remember when… and am out of clothes. I can schedule it for tomorrow, too, and then I need to…”

Friend: “Right. Whatever. Bye.”

All texts stop. The friend is off to do her thing. The thinker /organizer/planner settles in, picking up pencil to write, waiting for inspiration. Oh, yeah, she better look for a tablet when she’s ready to write.

Procrastinator? Seriously? No. Just thoughtful–for days on end.

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