NUMBERS are an integral part of every life on this planet–with maybe the exception of animal and plant life (and that is up for debate when you think about it). It starts when we are very, very young and stays with us to our demise. Personally, words are preferable to numbers in our case, and yet if we don’t adhere to the numbers, we will not make it. Period. The end. Fin.

We passed all math courses on a wing a prayer. How many wings and how many prayers are not important, but some college registrar’s office can tell you–they keep the numbers of all that. And we are guilty of passing this on to our children. We taught them to count pennies as little ones. We laughed when they would not trade in 100 pennies saved for one flimsy piece of paper we told them was worth the same amount. That held true at age four and was abandoned by age five as they realized the absolute truth. Our first grader was going to quit school after she realized this profound and universal truth because in her mind, if she could count high enough to make sure she didn’t get shorted at McDonald’s in her change, math was no longer needed. Besides, she was reading at a fourth grade level so why mess with the boring tedium of school. It was a hard go getting her to continue in school. She had a solid argument, we had to admit. Especially as we observed her peers and others.

We get up by numbers. The alarm goes off. Numbers tell us to fudge for another five minutes or bound out of bed to start the day. We keep count of minutes as we dress, eat, walk out the door. We get in the car to drive a number of miles that take a number of minutes, find a parking place that will take a certain amount of minutes, walk from there to the threshold of the place that will pay us a certain amount for being there. We watch the minutes on the clock so we know when to leave and make the calculated return trip to home. Ahhh…numbers!

We go to work out. A fellow sweater/healthy body personage asks how long we have been participating in this exercise regimen. We are asked how much weight we have lost or gained. What is our BMI? What are our inch losses and gains? Oh, yes! How many times a week do we work out and what in calories and cups and gram weight is our diet? Numbers–always numbers.

Do you have a social security number? A driver’s license? What is your age and do you have a pension plan? Do you have health insurance you can afford? Is your income enough to cover your rent, food, emergencies? What is your bank account number? Do you have a street address or post office box number? How old are you because it matters when you age and can qualify for medicare according to the numbers. Do you file taxes? What is your identifying number on your W-2? When is your date of birth? What time of day and what date did a love one or not-so-loved one expire and leave this world? How much was the funeral or cremation? Do you have a certain amount of life insurance for those left after your demise? How much is their stuff worth as you go through it? Dollar numbers, please, not sentimental value.

You buy a car. Or because yours continually breaks down and the cost (Number of dollars) to repair it now warrants the purchase. What year is it? How long is the warranty good? What kind of gas milage does it get? How much is the insurance? Numbers. Research the numbers.

Cave people dealt with this, too. The animal they killed and dragged in to feed themselves and or their commune is just about gone. Enough for one more meal. Time to go out and kill something else or they’ll face starvation. Peasants had to barter and trade to keep a certain amount of food and pay the king’s tax when he came for it. Settlers would survey their food stock, realize it was low, and have to find a way to replenish it, again, so starvation could be avoided. Enough flour and lard for a couple of more batches of biscuits so better find more. How many children you produce depends on how much help you need to keep that roof over your head and food in the bellies.

Today, we look in the refrigerator and evaluate–numerically. Hmmmm… three eggs left. Can two meals be squeezed out of three eggs? Enough milk for two more regular size glasses, but scrimping will make it three, possibly four. Turn off every appliance not being used to reduce the electric bill. Check if you really need that medicine or not. Numbers count. Numbers not being able to be manipulated or changed lead to homelessness, hunger, illness, desperation. Ahhhh…yes we are ALL math majors in life.

Numbers tell us how many people die in a mass shooting, a war, from a disease. Numbers tell you if you qualify for help, if you are going to survive. Even if you are cushy and without worries, the numbers rule. Think about it. And we are so very sad when the elderly get Alzheimer’s or settle into dementia. What ever will happen to them not knowing what time it is, or what date it is? After all, not knowing who the current president is, the year, the date are precursors to being housed in a nursing home. So sad. But numbers, as valuable as they are to our existence, leave us in a haze of not understanding. We have no clue what a six-figure salary would do for us. It is beyond our comprehension. And the national debt? We were overwhelmed with ignorance at billions and completely agog at trillions of dollars of national debt. Are we alone, here? On a more personal level, there are murders committed every day, mass murders, and the numbers overwhelm and leave us with statistics, not human souls once here and now gone. Remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Bombs dropped from a certain height, wiping out a numerous amount of human people and destroying lives, but…again, numbers.

Yes, we are numbers. We live by numbers, willingly or not. We know we are case numbers in every office we have had to be seen in. No, we don’t remember our passwords, can’t give you time frames for much of our lives, but someone, somewhere most assuredly can. So in that respect, we can ignore time, gladly. We will fill out our census form, where we will be counted once again. Whoo hooo! But will we write and make the #1 best sellers list? Probably not. Do we want to? The thought is entertaining but not motivation to slave away making it happen. We can thoroughly enjoy a friend’s success and being number one without having to be number one ourselves. Yes, we are reaching a point of being comfortable with numbers as we go to bed when we are tired, get up when we wake up, caring little for time numbers. We don’t desire mass amounts of money, just a comfortable enough living.

Numbers are often driven by need, and/or ego. Okay. We can live with that. We do enjoy winning two out of three (our weakness) but it won’t keep us up at night if we don’t. We laugh at people that keep track of the “hits” they get on social media, the amount of followers. We have a few dear and cherished friends. That’s cool and we can count on them and that is more than enough for us. So the numbers will tell us who will do what in the future via the process of projection, statistics, etc. But remember, with all the numbers we have, all the numbers we live by and adhere to–it only takes one or two humans to make it all or break it all. Now we will take two questions regarding our blog. (HAHAHAHA)

P.S. only 25 more blogs to go ROTFLMAO

6 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. LOL Numbers and “integral” part….integral definition:of or denoted by an integer. Integer definition: a whole number; a number that is not a fraction. Love it. Thank you…and after chuckling over that, I enjoyed the content as well.

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  2. “We laughed when they would not trade in 100 pennies saved for one flimsy piece of paper we told them was worth the same amount.” This reminded me of my daughter who did the reverse. She was about 4 yrs old, and I’d made her a sandwich. I cut it in half. Then I started to cut the sandwich in 4ths. “No, Mama! I can’t eat all those pieces!” Okay, so she took the plate with the two halves and was okay with that. LOL.

    Thanks for this comprehensive piece! xoA

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