Heart Cries

So many things touch hearts–

a smile, a shared tear, one hand placed on another’s.

Music that was once shared with another,

pulls the heart back to a peaceful place.

Smiles from those who have naught but a smile to offer,

a wink of an eye, settles in the heart.

And then the pictures of children crying,

behind a fence, eyes holding more sadness than bearable.

Friends and families hugging each other as bodies are pulled

from the scene of yet another mass murder.

Eyes that watch, scared, fearful for self and others

haunt the one whose eyes they look into, questioning why?

Action can be taken, “boots on the ground”

to do what can be done to ease fear, pain, heartache for others.

But what was seen cannot be unseen

and the heart never can shut out the pain.

Remembered forever

the Heart Cries.

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