To float between realms requires much,

as in a willingness to traverse time and space.

One must be willing to let go of the present,

yet be part of it.

One must let go of the past,

yet be part of it.

Floating means remembering,

the good and the bad–

Taking each for what it is.

The head will ache as will the heart

no matter which realm pulls one in.

Once you float, there is no

going back to the linear time line.

One can learn or lose.

Time becomes a labyrinth be traveled

and all realms are open to you.

Choose wisely when you float because

floating leaves you open and vulnerable

to everything and everyone–

past and present.

2 thoughts on “Floating

  1. Mastery of floating gives you mastery of the feelings, so you can process them, label them, separate yourself from them. Then you can learn from them. ā¤ Love is your beacon through the labyrinth.


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