You had better get ready to unfriend us, slam us, tell us to go back where we came from. This piece is full of rage and tears that do not stop flowing.

We watched a video of a family torn apart by ICE. TODAY. It is a long video as the father of a family of three talked on the phone to get help and advice as his children cried, his wife cried and sobbed, and ultimately he was taken. This is NOT RIGHT! He will get no hearing, no justice, no plea in our courts. His is the fate of those others now caged in filth and squalor that VP Pence says is not so bad and the MORON in the white house–note it is the WHITE house–says they’re happy because it is so much better than what they had. We call BULLSHIT! It is a damn political stunt that the racist, pervert, misogynist, fraud in the white house is using to drum up hate amongst his dumbed-down base of voters. To him it is nothing more than a way to generate more hate and animosity toward a group of people he decided to target to show he is THE MAN. Well, fuck the man!

Human beings, of all colors, races, genders, sexual orientations, religions are HUMAN BEINGS! They are not pawns to be used to turn Christians to his way of thinking, pro-lifers to ignoring these lives, and haters to abuse and murder in inhuman treatment.

Whatever your political persuasion, right is right and wrong is wrong! You do NOT rip families apart! You do not tear infants and children from their parents’ arms. You do not decide because someone is not white they are to be targeted. Used for your personal means to an end! We see over and over again–the people who killed the Jews were following the LAW. The ones who defied the LAW put an end to it. It is time to defy the law, just as the one who sits in the white house does. The LAW means nothing to he and his cronies so should we not follow the example and defy it?

Human lives are being destroyed while the christians stand by and scream hateful epithets. White supremacists have a voice but only they have a voice. Dammit! This is America! Not a dictatorial or fascist country– but you wouldn’t know by what is going on.

Children would be taken from parents if they treated their children the way children are being treated in concentration camps. And yes, they are concentration camps. We cannot believe what is happening and being BRAGGED ABOUT!

It is time for the people to stand up and be counted. People who love others, people who have compassion, people who will not stand by and watch the genocide of people of color and/or those who speak up against it.

We are sick. Sick of watching a petulant adult use all the good that has been representative of our country, spin it, lie, and make it about nothing more than a means of self-gain and glorification.

If you can write, if you can paint or draw, if you can create music and words to resist this abhorrent state we are in–DO IT! You were given a talent for creativity–USE IT! Enough is enough. And if your neighbor has his/her door banged on by ICE, step up and stop them from being taken. Use that cell phone to call for help from those that can stop it!

Yes, we are enraged! Yes, we know we will offend. But at least we will not go quietly into the night never having said or done anything that would deter the hate and political plays being foisted on us right now. It has gone too far. We have been silent too long.

If you’re offended, get over it. At least you still have your family, children, loved ones. Others don’t and have little hope of EVER having them again.

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