Perspectives–age 7 and 70 Poem #1

At 7, I see sunshine,

watch and hear water in the creek.

I sit in wild, cool grass

and watch clouds create animals.

At 70, I look at the sun,

wondering if it will get really hot.

I watch the water playing in the creek

and wonder if it’s clean to drink.

I feel the dry grass I sit in.

Looking at the clouds, slowly moving,

I watch, begging for rain.

At 7, I feel safe to close my eyes,

letting nature surround me, enter me.

At 70, I close my eyes and worry–

fires, floods, great winds of hurricanes–

Nature rebelling at the inhumanity of persons

mistreating, abusing, pillaging her resources.

Nature in all her magnificence and terrible wonder.

At 7 and 70, eyes closed still,

Minds and hearts join

taking it all in, through senses and souls.

Right here, right now, the 7 year old prevails.

The 70 year old muses–

“Would I warn her? Make her sad with what I know?”

The 7 year old whispers,

“Isn’t it wonderful? Don’t you love it?”

Eyes meet.

The 70 year old whispers back, ” Yes, it is. I love it, too.

I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Ages and time vanish between 7 and 70.

There is love and innocent wonder still.

Peace and Love.


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