Finally-Sans Peur et Sans Reproche-Our Promo

It is very, very hard for us to promote our own work. We have no problem promoting, reviewing, even raving about the works of others. Nothing makes us feel better! But to promote our own work? We go into a flurry of embarrassment and our almost innate drive to be invisible. No, we are not ashamed of what we write, or paint, but we have always been fearful to be seen and heard as paradoxically, we fight for ourselves and others to be seen and heard. Ahhh–the dilemma. But now we will dare! It is time. So please read and take our promo pitch to heart for our latest book, Letters, for this time it is truly sans peur et sans reproche.

In this time of covid19, self isolation, and social distancing, Letters reflects how we can all still connect. Letter writing in itself is healing. How often do we say, “Oh, if I had only said this…” or “I should have said that when I had the chance…”. This book does that with letters written to those that have influenced the journey of the authors’ lives and taught lessons along the way. Many are poignant, some humorous, some angry at injustices, but all express human emotion and truth from the perspective of the writer(s). Often things can be written that are hard to say aloud to the one you admire, love, who has been an inspiration– or words that are bottled up in indignation that would not come verbally. Letters covers the full spectrum, from one end to the other. Why should you read it? Because it is an interactive book, unique in that at the end of each letter written is the opportunity and space for you, the reader, to write your own letter to mirror your reading. It is the reader’s chance to put pen to paper and say what was never said. In stressing what was learned from each one written to–be it animal or human, present or past–a life journey was influenced.

This author was diagnosed with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and the letters are signposts, red flags, and banners of sustaining hope that lend themselves to learning how the DID came about and allowed love and survival to triumph.

Read Letters. Think about the people in your life’s journey and all they taught you, good and bad. Reflect on your choices. Then write your letters. We are not alone, any of us, even in this time of isolation and separation. Everyone influences everyone else. Reflection in reading Letters could surprise you that these people or animals come to mind. Connect.

Thank you for reading…and be assured there will be another book of letters to come.

You can order at, author Judy Kukuruza. Or easily go to the link:

Feel free to rate and review!

As the title says, Sans peur et sans reproche– without fear and without reproach. From the heart.

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