#26 Just WHO is the Alien?

“Did you hear that?”

“No, what?”

“That HUMAN!

“No, I don’t often listen to them, just observe.”

“Well, that human just used one of our words and claimed it just came to her in a dream or vision or whatever! The nerve! To steal one of our words…and then claim it! I tell you, they are beyond fathoming! Always taking credit for what we do, what words we have, the knowledge we bestow claiming it is THEIRS!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t be going spronkers on me, now, please. You know this happens all the time. I told you to stick to natural beings, didn’t I? Like the animals–the four footed ones–or the natural elements. I warned you and yet you take it so…so…as the humans say–personally. They can’t help it, really, you know. They cannot entertain original thoughts or ideas.”

“But to claim it as their own! And of all our fantastic words–she chooses spronk? It’s just more than I can deal with. Why not the great words from the great minds that were our mentors? Like uzrik? Or prisk? Those words can change a world! They carry depth and meaning and she is delighted with spronk? Humans are so limited and underdeveloped!”

“I know, I know. And right now, they have little to do but dream what they call their “quarantine dreams,” and let us filter our thoughts into theirs. Why did you plant spronk into her dreams? You detest that word!”

“I don’t know. Well…maybe she heard me calling her and her species spronks over and over.”

“And why did you do that?”

“I was full of uzrik at how non-discerning they are! True, I lowered myself to their level by childishly calling their species spronks, but nothing would get through of any portent! It is as if they have two, maybe three thoughts that are malleable and the rest are like random atoms bouncing around in a vast infinity of empty space!”

“Sadly, I understand the depth of uzrik and your desire to fill the human mind with prisk, but you know we can only do what we can. Some are beginning to see that their world has actually become better, their animal life more prolific since they have been forced to stay indoors, afraid of spreading the virus they call Covid19. Such an odd name for the carrier of death and destruction…hmmmm. Nevertheless, some of their species see what they have wrought on their own planet. But their ability to rise from base instincts to logical and scientific explanations seems to escape them. And actually, if they weren’t so attached to things like–what do they call them? Cars? Planes? Their bartering papers? Yes, I remember, money. Everything is at their disposal if they could explore with their minds and not their desire to attain all those symbols. Remember we used to be similar to them.”

“True, I guess. But it didn’t take us as long as it is taking them to evolve. If it weren’t for this wave of a microbe forcing them to stop and look at what is important…well…who knows if they would not have blown parts of their planet toward ours, loaded with radiation and disposable chemicals? And are they going to learn from this? Watching, I have to wonder. I am ready to leave and report back. I see them as hopeless. Shall we go?”

“I suppose we should…but…”

“But what? They will annihilate themselves and we will simply come back to salvage what is useful to our planet. We are through here.”

“There is something that pulls me to learn from them. Something that…though lacking in logic and reasoning, scientific exploration and the understanding they lack… Have you seen their gestures? Their norts? Really looked into them?”

“Such things do not interest me. I have all the data required. Let’s transport and be gone.”

“Wait. I have looked into their norts. I have seen them overflow with moisture. I have watched their gestures. They reach towards each other–a hand will extend and they remember they cannot touch–and their norts overflow with the moisture. What is it that makes this happen? Why do the humans need to touch so? I’ve watched the young ones do what they call hugging of their parent figures, and of others. I’ve seen them sit with the animals and they communicate with touch as well as with their minds. What is this? What makes them smile with listening to music? Or having a young one hug them? I have seen sole survival turn into this thing they call caring for one outside themselves. True, they may not have great brain capacity, but there is something they have that we lack. I want to understand and quantify this, discover just what it is. Aren’t you curious at all?”

“No. A spronk is a spronk. They have nothing I desire to learn from them. Oh, and I know what they call this display of moisture and the touching and such. They call it kum-pass-yun or luv. Makes no logical sense. None at all. Can we go now?”

“Just in a moment. Hmmmm…my mind bank says it is compassion–to deeply care for another, and love which comes from their Greek forbears and it is simply reduced to also caring more for another than self. Interesting. Even those who cannot hear and use gestures to communicate have a symbol for love. They cross their arms over their chest. Like this–it feels good. Try it. But wait. One more thing. Come into my space.”

“Whatever for? This is not logical. But if I do enter your space, then can we leave?”

“Yes. Come. Just stand in front of me. I want to experience the hug.”

The one alien hugged the other and slowly…slowly, the other alien hugged the one in return. Both stood looking at each other in awe. Slowly they smiled, ever so slightly, at each other.

“I liked that.”

“So did I. Let us stay awhile longer to learn from these spronks. I think we will understand why they have survived this long. Agreed?”

They nodded to each other.

“Should we quit the hug now?”

“Maybe…in awhile…”

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