#19 Evolution of Words

Words evolve as cultures and societies use them to express their feelings, all of them. This will be a short blog as it only concerns one word that we used to find amusing, that made us smile at its irony, and now has evolved into one of causing us to shake our heads in somber reflection. Our particular take on the word and its evolution in our mind has taken place in a matter of weeks that seem to span a lifetime when in reality, it can be confined to just days. So, as not to offend, know that this word is not “nice” and you can quit reading right here. (our disclaimer)

When we reached the chronological age to apply for Social Security and Medicare, along with the numerous offerings of supplemental health coverage, we started filling out papers, going online, making phone calls. Having had to manipulate our way through the “system” at times in our lives, we hunkered down, determined to do it once again. Yes, it was frustrating and time consuming and no one seemed to have a short, concise answer to any questions we had–or even recommendations as to how we should proceed. And the government handbook on these topics? Oh! Our aching head! Friends, watching and hearing our tale for the day at trying to maneuver the system, would smile, sadly, and offer, “Yeah, I hear ya!” So when we finally were signed up, not entirely confident after all of it, we laughed, hesitantly, and said, “Yep! It was a clusterfuck. ” It brought a smile to our face, a little humor into traversing the incompetency of those we had to communicate with in the system, and in calling “official” offices–the numerous times we were on hold or transferred from one incompetent person to another. BUT WE DID IT! And we still maintain, it was a total clusterfuck! We do hope you didn’t have to go through what we did! And will not in the future. Yes, the word made us smile in wry and ironic humor–then. It was doable. Better to laugh than cry, right?

But now, as we are home-bound to protect others and ourselves from an insidious virus…? We read, we watch professionals that are supposed to know what they are doing and many who do not. We see lying, profiteering, and an attitude of hey–everybody dies from something. Of course, that often comes from those who have access to testing, medical care, etc. We see others who are fearful, anxious and rightly so, pain, and not knowing anything for sure. Governors have stepped up, some of them, and beautiful stories of compassion and love for humankind rise to make all of us feel hope. We see heroic workers, putting their lives on the line to work in grocery stores, to mop hospital floors, intubate the sick and dying, crying at the lack of supplies and equipment, but still carrying on! The List is too long to thank all of our heroes protecting us and helping all of us. And then we worry about those who are following another who says, “Come to church. Pack the places! God will protect you!” and wonder how many will die from being infected. Now that, friends, is a gigantic CLUSTERFUCK! It does NOT make us smile, in any way, shape or form! And if we break the word down into two words, it is even more appropriate now. No one knows what to believe and when it becomes partisan, social class oriented, believers (?) v. non-believers–what do we do?

WE STAY HOME! WE DON’T ADD TO THE CLUSTER OR THE FUCK! We protect our loved ones by not hugging, touching, lest we unknowingly infect them. THIS has been proven to work! It hurts because humans love to touch, hug, comfort physically. But it can kill right now. In short, reader, do not–DO NOT BE PART OF A CLUSTERFUCK! Show love to others and yourselves. That’s the only way we can come out of this. Love you all and missing you, but we believe when this clusterfuck is over, we will be a kinder, more loving world. And maybe we will all be wiser and more appreciative of each other. Peace and Love.

2 thoughts on “#19 Evolution of Words

  1. So true, and well said! I think we will appreciate so many things in life, much more, when this is over – has finished whatever cycles it can perpetuate!


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