#15 What to Say

We are all inundated with Corvid-19. It’s on the news, even if you watch Fox. Press briefings are held daily as we watch the numbers tick up for those testing positive, and we and our friends have no idea if we are positive or negative due to lack of available testing. In our case, we have compromising health issues, are old, but not having traveled outside the U.S., not knowing if we have been in contact with anyone with the virus, and not being rich or famous, do not qualify for testing. When we asked if we should be tested, listing our symptoms, the question was, “Can you still breathe?” Well, the first thing that popped into our salty and sarcastic minds was, “Duh! I called you, didn’t I moron?” But we simply answered, “Yes.” We were told to stay in, follow the guidelines and one compassionate soul we talked to said, “Take care and good luck.” One person out of four doctor’s offices calling to cancel appointments actually wished us luck. That made us feel better–sort of. We guess…

We have people we care about that are vulnerable to this virus. Fortunately, they are smart, common sense people who realize the dangers and we hope and pray will avoid it. But they still have to go out to get food, exposing them to those who might have it, and they have families and loved ones they could transfer the virus to if they are infected unknowingly. We care about them. Deeply. Desperately. And they, like us, don’t qualify to be tested. We don’t have a lot of rich or privileged friends. In fact, we have none. Just hard-working, loving and kind people who share what they have with those that have nothing, writers with the same bleeding hearts as ours, people who are an asset to humankind. None of us qualify. Ahhh, as 45 said, “That’s the story of life.” But is it?

Let us diverge here, but we will get to the point–we hope. We watched the documentary on Margaret Atwood, one of our favorite authors before she became everyone’s favorite author, and she said something that struck us as honest and beautiful. To paraphrase, she said she never expected to be a famous writer. She only wanted to be a good writer. Boy! is she ever! And maybe she became a famous writer in her simple quest to be a good writer. She did not write for fame or wealth. She wrote to express herself and speak to hearts and minds. It was the little details of life that intrigued her, that she wrote about, and then later, the more prominent issues the world and its inhabitants were dealing with. That was what we loved about her writing when we first read “Cat’s Eye” back in college many years ago. So why bring up her writing and her life of writing? Why now? Because of her passion to tell stories, write poems that are about human beings and what they deal with and don’t deal with.

Right now, daily, we are subjected to facts and spins. The facts of the rampant surge of this virus cannot be denied, and yet, the spin is to bury it. Mislead and create chaos and ultimately, destruction and death. Hospitals, doctors, medical staff, orderlies, janitors in hospitals are subjected to this virus, pleading for help. Governors of states are begging 45 to enact the emergency act to get them supplies, tests, protection for all. But you see, the numbers would look bad so he deigns to not act. Instead, we hear how he has given up his salary, bemoans his hotels and businesses are being impacted, how he gets booed and how he is never thanked. Our point here? Atwood just wanted to be a good writer. #45 doesn’t care about good–only self-aggrandizing and fame. One wanted to be good. One chose to be famous and profit off his job at all costs. If you see a weird parallel here, it is intentional. We can’t think of anyone to really and honestly compare 45 to since we have never seen such self-centered action from one who is supposed to lead and instead whines nobody likes him. (Bad comparison–we know.)

Maybe we should take a trip down memory lane and that would be better. Remember the jock at high school who mercilessly picked on the shy, introverted younger ones who couldn’t defend themselves? You remember. Name calling, pushing around, taunting, intimidating? Oh wait! That was in junior high. Or wait! On the play ground when you were in second grade. That kid you avoided who would gather his gangs of thugs and threaten to beat you up or make you sorry. Ah, yes! We’ve all seen them in action. Now one sits in the Oval Office. Don’t upset him, you hear. We tried to tell him they said about him being warned of the pandemic way back three plus months ago. And so here we are, with our petulant school ground bully that can’t intimidate a virus, but can sure play with the severity of it by altering the numbers. How, you ask? Don’t test, the numbers aren’t there. Like his asking to keep the unemployment numbers under wraps–they look bad for his booming economy. Well, so far as it goes, Fox news or not placating folks with myths and lies, the simple fact remains that people are sick, getting sicker, dying, and we have no defense and no leader. Thank the heavens above we have some responsible governors but they cannot do it all. We need 45 to quit blaming, name calling, whining, and to be a leader and he won’t do it until he has no choice. And will he even then? Who knows?

If we sound bitter and fed up–we are. We have gone through trying times with other presidents. We didn’t vote for some but we respected the office and expected them to listen to experts, the best in the field, and act presidential. We raised five toddlers who were more easily reasoned with than this person who wants to be the best and whines if he’s booed. But we have one more issue to bring up that is personal with us in the response to the pandemic. We admit we are bleeding hearts. We own it. But the lack of compassion for those who have died, are struggling to beat this virus, scared to death? That, to us, is obscene! We know there is evil in the world. We have been subjected to it. But to us, this total lack of even PITY for those who have lost loved ones, who have died due to his calling this a hoax and denying it while knowing it was there–this is EVIL. And it makes our hearts ache and bleed! Plus, it goes on! It doesn’t end! There is no end until he and his minions are gone!

To insulate ourselves, we try to sit in our bubble of self-protection and observe. We try to help others who are struggling with overwhelming fear and devastation, facing losses unimaginable. We try to ignore the willfully ignorant, the deniers, the hypocrites telling people to support their church as the church does nothing to support their people, the congress looking for more money taken from the starving, the destitute. But they are in our faces, day after day, everywhere we are. We tag the tales of good people being good to others, read them over and over as we find them on the internet. It keeps us smiling through the tears.

We probably should apologize to all readers we offended at this point. But we cannot. We write honestly, even if it offends, because we care and care deeply. Be you of one persuasion or another doesn’t matter. We care that you should be well, without fear, free to disagree with us, free to thrive. We don’t mean to bring you down, but we mean to tell you the truth as we see it and truth is something in short supply in these times. Our final words to you are may you live in peace and health and love. We care about you, about those we know and love, and wish no ill to you.

Now. We feel better for having been honest and forthright. Be safe. PEACE

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