#10 Words…

We woke up this morning with Mama Cass singing in our head. Her words touched us, uplifted, made us nostalgic. Get that? Her WORDS. Yes, the music, the flow of notes also touched us. But the words — long ago, we had sung with her. Today, we did, too. Why? Because the beauty and the heart behind them reached in to touch that space inside us that still turns to words to heal, to express, to hide away and to share.

When we were kids, books were a magnet. The words in a book could say what we dared not say aloud. They could take us away from pain and fear and transport us to adventure, comfort, places the body would never go. And no one, no one, could take them from us. Little did the people who would control and force themselves on us know that we had this refuge. Our mother liked us to read because we were out of her hair, so to speak. We weren’t getting in her way, bothering her if we were outside, in the tree, reading. And read we did. Voraciously. The horrible realities we faced fell away as we read of Black Beauty surviving horrible things to triumph in love at the end. We read of the dog whipped and beaten, called “Ugly Joe” and still moving from one place to another until he was shown love. Words gave us hope. Transported us beyond ourselves.

Now we are going to get personal and we apologize in advance. We devour different writings, poetry, plays, novels, memoirs. But the ones that most inspire? Poems and essays written by Natalia and Annis seem to speak to that part of us that they share with words. Yes. Why? Because we are around them, talk to them, share with them and they with us. So when they put pen to paper we know they are showing us, with words, even more of themselves. We read. We can hear their voices as we read their words. Oh, yes, we love W.B Yeats, Rumi, Gibran, Wordsworth, Orwell, Stegner, and on and on. We have never had the privilege of being in their presence but we have basked in the spoken as well as written words of Natalia and Annis. We do not single them out as we know other writers that speak to the soul–we just figure they won’t take offense to our using their names. (Besides, we admit blatant bias toward the two. 🙂 ). Each time we get to talk with other writers at WOK meetings it is wonderful. And we would mention them, but don’t want to put them out there without their permission. Get it? After this time with Natalia and Annis, we feel they will not be offended and if they are, they’ll let us know without rancor and we will publicly apologize. But for now…

The poetry and essays written by these two authors speak to us in a personal way. We have read enough of their works, talked with them enough, that when they write the simple word love it has a meaning unique to them, their concept. So it means more to us. We have a word we like to use, yet sparingly, when we write and the words need to convey an innermost or deep feeling. The word that is what we consider “Ours” is INEFFABLE. It can refer to special people, special places, cherished memories and accompanying feelings. We don’t throw it around. It is for special times and persons. Those deep and almost untouchable joys carried in our hearts. Crazy, huh? And so, we throw that craziness into the mix by saying that to us, Natalia and Annis have words that reach, touch, inspire, empathize with an ineffable beauty and impact in our lives. And we smile with great devotion to their writings as we hear others compliment their writing, their choice of words and topic. Because we know what it is to draw those words into our innermost selves and let them sit, feed our souls, create their own unique beauty. They say what our heart is afraid to voice but we read those words–those words–and much as when we were in turmoil as children– we are soothed, calmed, spirited away to a better place and to a union with another heart.

Words. WORDS. Heard, read. They never die. They live. Thank you Natalia and Annis. INEFFABLE.

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