Goethe's Djinns Let Loose

The djinns are loose today,

those djinns that steal the unsuspecting souls.

They taunt, they laugh, the play in the open–

rolling empty trashcans down a street,

pushing doors not quite shut open wide.

Chairs bang as they roll around, unfettered, unweighted.

Wind chimes play, then are banging against unseen forces,

heralding the power of the djinns.

Children watch from behind windows,

looking for reassurance from the adults that

warned of djinns and misdeeds.

Afternoon light lets some solace come to wondering souls

if this is their day of reckoning.

But if the djinns are still ravaging and raging with the dark,

is anyone safe?

Will anyone notice the snatched soul

that is taken in the dark, in the bed, from under the covers?

Is is just the children who are wary, becoming afraid?

Or are the adults who fostered the “fairy-tale”

just a little bit ill at ease, too?

Is there any safe place for anyone?

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