He Wears No Mask

He wears no mask–no need to smile,

just opens his mouth, waves his little hands;

they hang onto his angry words.

Defamation, lies, denying words said before,

he no longer needs a mask.

Those who have been prey-now wanting to be predators-

hang onto his promises, angry words directing hate.

They cheer to the sound of his lies, shushing consciences,

denying the culture of caring and kindness.

No lie is too outrageous, no blame too vile

as heroes, warriors of truth, are slandered and threatened.

He wears no mask–doesn’t pretend to care.

An ego so fragile, borne of incompetence, fear of ridicule,

dullness of mind responds with bullying, intimidation–

And the prey follow to become the predators.

It is sad, but evil will only wear a mask until it is accepted,

And the faithful watchdogs, sent to protect them,

save them from themselves, cannot corral the wanton sheep.

He wears no mask, calling for violence, expanding his realm

and evil knows no bounds as widows, children, those not white,

the poor–the vulnerable— fall, in pain, astounded at the vitriol

aimed at themselves when all they want is peace and kindness.

But they have spirit, power, united hope and strength.

He will have to wear the mask to avoid their combined wrath.

He will have to pretend at repentance, asking forgiveness.

But he has prowled without the mask too long.

Without the mask, all can see the spirit.

The time has come to see, acknowledge, remove the hater.

He does not wear a mask because it is accepted he is evil.

The prey who would be predators will fall beneath his heel

as the watchdogs encircle and save them before he can ground them into dust.

He wears no mask.

Believe what you see.

Rip off your mask and be the good

to counter the unmasked evil.

2 thoughts on “He Wears No Mask

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    actually put anybody in serious risk. She could have but she didn’t.
    Know she knows how to properly use her email client…
    Also lying Ted? That doesn’t even rhyme. https://emailqna.com/


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