What Do You See? Hear?

Do you see the crow, alone, flying overhead?

In the stillness, do you hear the wings slowly beating the air?

Do you see the sun rising, slowly spreading light?

Do you hear the world slowly stretching and wakening in the sun’s rays?

Do you see the coffee dripping into the pot, hot and rich?

Do you hear it plop, plop, teasing you to snatch it before it is through?

Do you see your dog stretch on the bed as you stretch to wake up?

Do you hear the yawns that come with the stretching?

The world wakens with you, offering a new day.

The crow, the sun, the coffee, the yawns,

all beckoning, asking you to join them.

What you see, what you hear

opens the new day for you.

Will you see?

Will you hear?

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