You Were Once a Baby

Once you were a baby,

soft, pliant, and tender skinned.

Others fed you, clothed you, kept you from harm.

You couldn’t ask for help, but it was given.

And you grew.

Your little heart responded in kind to the way you were treated.

As you grew, you started to choose.

YOU chose anger, a closed heart,

caring only for yourself–hate.

We feel sorry for you.

We see potential goodness in others, you see enemies.

We have hope, you have angry despair.

You choose to be alone, afraid of being “taken”

and you need approval for your hate.

We feel sorry for you.

You COULD HAVE learned love, kindness, compassion.

All babies can–but the murderers, the tyrants and dictators

were all once babies, as you were.

A lesson for those who choose love over hate?

Compassion and kindness over cruelty?

One and all, we must love the babies and children

to raise kind and compassionate adults.

Can we? We were all once babies.

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