SEE the People

The leader of the United States wants people who are not white, christian, moneyed to go back to where they came from. He likes it that way, and so do his supporters. Obviously. But if you look around, and SEE the people around you, what will you do if they do leave?

Who will manicure his numerous golf courses? Who will staff his lavish dinners at his private clubs? Who will clean his toilets, do his laundry? Who will care for his grandchildren, his underage child? Who will staff his border concentration camps? Who will provide the fruits of the land and bring them to his table? Who will fry his KFC or flip his burgers, cook his fries?

How will the private prison owners/CEOs make any money if there are no more people to jail and hold because they left and are not a profit making populace? What will happen to big oil companies when only rich white christian people are driving gas guzzlers and the demand for fossil fuels goes down?

How will schools survive when the students and teachers leave? Who will drive the busses? Who will manage the little stores? Who will clean the PG&E buildings? More important, who will be the slaves for the leader and his followers when the people leave? And don’t be naive, they need slaves to their wishes and whims.

Who will take care of our health? How many white christian doctors are out there? We don’t have one that would qualify to stay. Who will be in his army, our military services? Not many we bet. How far will this “GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM” ripple out globally? The leader stated he would welcome Norwegians, but they have no desire to come here. Why would they?

But more, what happens to friends, friends who are now family? How many people will you lose? What would happen, as an example, to Writers of Kern? How many writers, talented people, would be gone from WOK if they leave, as instructed? Lindsey Graham said if they wear a MAGA hat they can stay. Can you be a writer and not dissent in anyway against the current leadership, sporting a MAGA hat so you can stay in the USA? Can you chant, “send her back” and show support for the leadership as friends and neighbors disappear?

It is time to SEE the people that make up this United States. It is time to SEE that person as a PERSON– not a color, a sexual orientation, a religion that only the leader will accept. SEE the soul! SEE the essence, the beauty of the individual. Color, gender, religion, ethnicity are not the person! We gravitate towards those we appreciate, SEE, and care about. Sure, you aren’t going to like everyone, but they are–after all–a human being! SEE them as that first then go with your likes and dislikes regarding their actions, their essence! NOT where they come from, their color, their religion and all the other petty things that keep us from KNOWING AND APPRECIATING others! Then look around you. NOTICE and SEE the people you help, that help YOU, everyday and in all ways. The cooks at your favorite restaurant or cafe, the clerk at the 7-11, your mechanic, your health provider. Then look at your circle of friends. Do you want all these people gone? Sent back? Do you who are white christian followers want to pick up the slack? Are you ready to be the new slaves to the white christian rich? Somebody has to take care of them, keep that money in their pockets while you work for them, your job, and the job vacated by the ones sent back.

We have too many friends, neighbors, loved ones that would leave. We couldn’t live without their caring, their kindnesses. We would want to leave, too. But we don’t know where we would be sent back to. We are mixed heritage–where will we be sent for dissenting against the leader? Oh well, anywhere would be better than here if all our friends and teachers and people we love are gone. We will miss so much. And you will, too, if we don’t SEE each other.

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